If you're like us, you noticed that MUNI put up these little paintings in several stations a few weeks ago. The one pictured above is at the Church Street station, right when you come down the escalator.

We started wondering what exactly these little paintings were supposed to do. Are we supposed to comment about them? Is MUNI asking us if there's a better place in the station to put an LCD display? We can't tell you, because there's absolutely no material around these things to explain, or tell you if comments are welcome. A quick look at MUNI online reveals nothing. We tried looking at 511, but the stupid scrolling information bar broke our browser.

Here's an idea. Since there are already LED displays on the platform telling us when the next train is coming, and there's a little LCD display in the booth where the MUNI employee sits all day, why not put the new display near the top of the stairs? That way we could get to the station, see that the M line will be delayed at least 45 minutes before having to go down the stairs, and then go for a beer at Lucky 13 and sit around and bitch with the other stranded MUNI riders?