-- Crank (prank?) calls to 911. [Chron]

-- Wildfire still wild -- 7,000+ acres wild. [CBS5, San Jose Merc]

-- Death, death, death, death... [Chron, Examiner]

-- Fines to go up for carpool cheaters. Good. [Oakland Tribune]

-- Scott Beale goes to this strange place called Fisherman’s Wharf and to San Francisco's only In-N-Out. Also: really, Snyder family? 524390645 Quizno's Subs just opened up on my block, so why can't you? [Laughing Squid]

-- World's best beard located in Walnut Creek, not, oddly enough, in LA or at press junkets for HSM2. [The Snitch]

-- The Bay Bridge makes an early comeback. [KGO]