Yay! We're so excited!! In today's Chron Datebook Peter Hartlaub article, on the various types of lame apologies, SFist wins!!!!!

Well, technically, Gavin Newsom "we're still dating!! we are we are we are!!!" girlfriend Jennifer Siebel won, with her long-winded and poorly-copy-edited "apology" comment that turned into an attack on former Newsom employee-paramour Ruby Rippey-Tourk. Hartlaub notes that what made it particularly excellent was that a second apology had to follow from the first one, on actual paper the next time. Hartlaub classifies this as a "repeat-the-mistake" apology, in the same category as Michael Richards and Isaiah ("I never called him a f*****") Washington's.

Meanwhile, we'll repeat some mistakes of our own, and give you all the links to the Siebel dust-up, for those of you who like to reminisce. Original interview where Siebel said all the inflammatory things about Ruby Rippey-Tourk, our original post (with all 600+ comments attached), Siebel comment, presumed PR lackey's response, front-page Chronicle article about it, three follow-up posts, and Jen's next weird interview with the Marin IJ.

Picture of Siebel and Newsom by free2beesmees, off flickr.