God bless the Bay Area Reporter.

In this week's issue, Ed Walsh reports that former JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect and one-time possible kiddie porn connoisseur, John Mark Karr, "had sought gender reassignment surgery, not because of any driving desire to become a woman, but to help him avoid capture by police."

That seems a bit drastic if you're not actually a woman inside, yes? Fascinating, but drastic.

In lieu of Anne Frank-esque hiding or simply coloring his hair and adopting a British accent, Karr was in the process of hormone treatment and laser hair removal before getting arrested and shipped back to Colorado. Now engaged to a dame and living in Atlanta, he went on to tell Walsh that he "saw it as an opportunity to change my identity and further evade law enforcement."

Seriously, we can't do the article the justice it deserves, so check it out for yourselves here.