Hall was the one unambiguously-serious mayoral candidate running against Gavin Newsom (and by "unambiguously-serious" we mean was a wedding singer but does not have an animal in his name and wears clothes, of course) -- but says it was an uphill battle getting campaign contributions since everyone is so sure Gavin's going to win anyways. Well, it might have helped if Tony had ever managed to get his website up beyond "under construction" too.

Anyhow, Hall's out, with the following line: "Maybe what’s better for the city is another dose of this cat and their spin machine." Gavin Newsom's a cat! Dan Noyes has Tony Hall on for an exclusive interview tonight at 6 p.m.

Meanwhile, is everyone decided that the anti-Newsom protest vote goes to Quintin Mecke now? Not the nudist? And does no one else beside us want to write in Joanna Newsom for mayor?

Picture of Tony Hall from ABC 7.