Gavin Newsom says he's committed to finding another private company to set up the whole system, and blames the Board of Supervisors for the deal falling through because they wanted more information before approving the agreement; the Board says Gavin should be glad we aren't saddled with a deal on terrible terms for the city.

Seems to us that even if the Board had approved the agreement, Earthlink's in enough financial trouble that they'd've backed out of it anyways, really. But what's the big deal, anyways? Can't Gavin just get someone rich to pay for it, like he wants to do with everything in the city these days? (We can't wait for the Swells crowd to start sponsoring individual MUNI lines! Ride the Dede Wilsey 38 Geary Limited! Wait for hours for the Charlotte Maillard Shultz T-Third!)