Yum! Did you smell something nasty in downtown SF yesterday? Some people described it like raw sewage, and others like rotting meat. Turns out it was from the sewage holding system, which was ripening in the sun faster than it was getting flushed into the system.

Apparently we have a system where waste gets shunted into holding boxes located throughout the city, which periodically get flushed out with water -- but not periodically enough on hot days. They've flushed it out so everything should be okay -- but hey, today's another Spare The Air day, so you never know.

The jokes are writing themselves over at the SFGate Comments section (the "won't it leave for Burning Man?" ones, the "isn't this how downtown always smells?", the "scent of gentrification" ones). Us, we're going with a Lynyrd Skynyrd clip of "That Smell."