What we find especially amusing about this defaced photo is that when Selma Blair recently admitted her flaws to the public, she mentioned bleaching. Blair confessed the following to UK mag, Dazed and Confused.

"You know... I don't bleach my teeth, I chain-smoke, I'm flat-chested, I don't mind being nude, I'm not precious, I'm pale as a ghost, I have crow's feet, and I believe I can play anybody."

Maybe Selma should add, “I don't bleach my mustache” to the list? (We're also guessing that an actress who doesn't bleach her teeth won't bleach her pooper, either. But that's neither here nor there.)

Well, Selma. We are admittedly precious and yet we still feel that we can play anybody. Anybody!

Although we happily credit the defaced ad to the urban youth of San Francisco, we also wonder if the captain was here.

Image Credit: Our crappy cell phone