We were flipping through the channels over the weekend and caught a few minutes of a National Geographic show on Sea Monsters. So we stopped to watch-- we're big fans of Nessie. Towards the end of the show, a segment came up about something we hadn't heard before, that San Francisco has its very own Sea Monster right here in the Bay.

Or so claim two twins, the Clark Brothers. They first spied the thing in 1985 while sitting in their truck. The thing popped out of the ocean after chasing a few sea lions around and stared right at them. The brothers described the beastie as "large, black, snake-like.”

For the next twenty years, the brothers have been obsessed in proving that what they saw was indeed a sea monster, without much in the way of success. Then, in 2004, they caught on video, (a very grainy video-- see image above) what looks like could possibly be the monster's humps (it's humps, it's humps, it's lovely lady humps) as it swam through the Bay or maybe possibly a group of them.