With unseasonable weather descending upon much of North America, schools getting ready to reconvene, and sports seasons getting exciting, it's a busy time of year for us here in the Ist-A-Verse. Luckily, even with all the things we have to do, we still managed to get together to let you know what we've all been up to.

After cooling down from a hot weekend of many badass Sunset Junction Street Fair photo dispatches, LAist asked a question sacreligious to many hardcore local fast food chain fans: is Fatburger better than In-N-Out? It is rumored that the burger debate angered so many readers that it led to a 7:00 a.m. bicycle heist, victimizing one of their writers (who the hell lurks around at this godforsaken hour with bolt cutters?). More punishment in Los Angeles came with the arrest of immigration activist Elvira Arellano where it made national headlines, except in local papers where the story was buried. On an ultra local level, they caught up with artist Juan Devis about the Boyle Heights cybermural project.

Bostonist has been enjoying the whimsical, carefree last days of summer by attending one of the city's best festivals, and they're also looking forward to football season. Bridget Moynahan finally had Tom Brady's baby - good news because Brady won't be skipping out on this season's opening game. In others sports news, Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon is looking to end his summer on a high note. He invented a new pitch and christened it with the bold name of "The Slutter." Unfortunately, Papelbon's fellow pitcher, Daisuke Matsuzaka, appears to be ending his summer with a whimper. Meanwhile, the local schools are gearing up. One of greater Boston's more prominent colleges is gloating about how rich they are, while another is suffering yet another embarrassment at the hands of its athletes. Last, but not least, a nearby town stood up to a prominent national institution - and its actions are having a global impact.

2007_08storm.jpgThe folks at Chicagoist are still cleaning up from the monster storms that hit their area Thursday. Before they donned their waders, however, they found that readers were glad that Elvira Arellano was deported back to Mexico but frustrated that the French are refusing to extradite a suspected murderer back home to stand trial. Lucky for them, there's a new beer company in town, so they can drink their problems away, at least for a while. Just don't bike home inebriated in the wider bike lanes Governor Blagojevich signed into law. Finally, a post about the kid-friendly qualities of a popular brunch spot led to the readers ripping each other to shreds in the comments.

SFist, yet again, dealt with a couple of old items resurrected by new controversy: the Tenderloin Housing Clinic's cam scandal and the evacuation-of-Golden-Gate-Park kerfuffle one month later. "Cult Alert!" flyers warning against YWAM papered downtown San Francisco. Sacramento's NOW chapter admonished a most vile Big Brother 8 houseguest, the fittingly-named Dick. And, for better or for worse, Burning Man wackiness has begun.