So Ken MacDonald is good, eh? Tell us more.

That I've seen, Mr. McDonald has been very good. He's been out to almost every service disruption in person and not just standing there but getting involved and directing. I do not work directly with or for Mr. McDonald and do not otherwise know him BUT I've seen him out there as stated, doing his job and getting others to do theirs during incidents.

You must realize that just because someone is appointed / brought in / hired, that all is not going to be good or bad. It falls back to the supervisors and their lack of being committed / involved in their job, i.e. I know on at least a few occasions, street supervisors / track supervisors, etc. are on break and refuse to leave their break until the break was over - an hour later. Goes back to what I mentioned of having good, motivated employees.

So many good and thoughtful suggestions for fixing a bureaucracy I hardly ever see when doing my daily Muni rides.

Thanks. If "they" ever find out, they'll spend hundreds of thousands and years to research the "basics" of service before implementation. Common sense does not work in SF for some unknown reason.