Much of the decimation of newspapers' revenues from classified ads has been attributed to the proliferation of craigslist, which, to our experience, is a generally cheaper, easier, and more effective place to list open jobs and such.

Yesterday we were tooling around digg and we noticed the above item -- a link to open jobs at San Francisco-based eBay subsidiary StumbleUpon. (Side note: we agree wholeheartedly with Jackson West's latest Future Fresser. StumbleUpon is indeed a fantastic time sink).

In any case, folks are submitting company job pages to digg. It's free to submit something, and digg's pageview counts are outstanding. So your job can potentially reach a ton of eyeballs. Certain job sectors (tech, online publishing, other stuff in line with core digg users' interests and professions) could certainly try to market open positions that way. And if the jobs are interesting (as we guess the StumbleUpon ones are, though we're not at all what they are looking for), will the users of the "community submitted content" site vote them to the top?

If so, there's another hit that newspapers don't need, not to mention craigslist, hotjobs, monster, etc etc.

How about it, middle-managers? If you were recruiting, would you consider using digg? (And how lame would you feel if posting gets buried?)

(Oh, hey, did you know that SFist has a job board too?)