The biggest payout is $47,500 to a guy who broke his ankle when the bus lurched forward before he could sit. Ouch. The driver in question was Daniel Johnson, driver number 1324. Hey, sifting through these lawsuits is a good way to correlate driver numbers to driver names -- not that you'd ever have a reason to do that, Mr. Noyes.

Other claims paid off: $18,000 to a person named "Tokie" who was hit by a vehicle; $15,000 for another sudden acceleration injury; $15,000 to a blind woman who fell onto the tracks due to Muni's lack of navigational aids (not the first time that's happened). It was at this point in our research that the SF Superior Court site TCP-errored and refused to load any more cases. Stupid website. Oh well, at least it's one branch of city government that isn't killing and maiming people.