Giants 9 Braves 3-So some of y'all might be wondering, what's up with calling Tim Lincecum "the Enchanter." Well, ever since he came up and started dazzling, there's been a bit of a rush to give him a nickname. On the radio, they want to call him "the Kid." The Giants call him "the Franchise." The gang at McCovey Chronicles, however, have come up with a nickname of their very own, the aforementioned "Tim the Enchanter." "The Enchanter," of course, comes from one of the greatest movies ever put to celluloid, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So why the Enchanter? Well, he's so good, obvs, that he enchants whenever he pitches. It also gives Giants fans an excuse to wear silly hats and don silly tees when they root him on.

And finally, it's great because Monty Python references are always good. What other player has a Monty Python bit for their nickname? Other than ex-Twins great, "Silly Walks" Magee, we couldn't think of anything.

A's 8 White Sox 5- Like something out of the Soviet Union, Van Halen was caught editing their album covers on their web site to get rid of Michael Anthony and replace him with Eddie's son and new bassist, Wolfgang Van Halen. This, of course, is in preparation for the new Van Halen "This Is So Not Going to Go Well" tour. Luckily, they were caught and the album covers returned to their proper design. Somehow, this sparked a debate on whether Kiss was better than Van Halen with some people saying that Kiss was and, Jesus, people, four words: "Ain’t Talking 'Bout Love." What does this have to do with the A's? Darned if we know. Anyways, the A's won in the tenth after Kurt Suzuki hit a three run home run, sweeping the des blanc chaussettes.