We gobble the various food sections up each Wednesday. Here are our favorite nibbles from today's offerings.

SF Chronicle: Oooh, Ho, Hoh! (said with heavy French accent, mimicking one of our favorite cooking school instructors). The Grand Cafe has a new chef and Californicated French menu. We're seriously eyeing the $18 express (45 minutes!) lunch menu loaded with salad, entree and macaroons for a Friday in our very near future. Grand Cafe remains a lovely and relaxing space with takes on dishes such as: Cassoulet, fresh wild Chinook salmon, Boeuf Bourguignon, outside meets (meats? hehe) inside marrow bones with oxtail, and lighter fare such as Salade Nicoise and legumes pot-au-feu. Chow down on the chowdah with tips from Georgeann Brennan, who learned the ins and outs from her Dad growing up in the O.C. waay before it got a rep. SF's oftentimes chilly summers combined with easy-peasy prep give these thick and wholesome soups major appeal.