The city's been trying to get the money to fix the road for ages, and have finally gotten the feds to agree -- but the feds will only kick in money if we agree to charge a toll to use the road. And the toll would be the $5 toll to actually cross the Golden Gate Bridge itself. The grant requires that the toll use a congestion-pricing model, so the amount would fluctuate based on traffic patterns, with a max probably of $2. We also can't tell if that would be $2 for a round-trip or if you'd have to pay the toll going both ways.

All the money from the toll would go towards fixing the road, which seemed to leaven the news with some of the drivers interviewed by the Chron, but still -- $7 (or $9, if you have to pay both ways) just to get to Marin? Yikes. (Also, in a side note, we didn't really understand the objection one guy had, which was that he thought the city should pay for the repairs and not the taxpayers. Isn't the city's money from taxpayers too?)

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