Here's a Moment Of Zen for you: local company YouTube has indicated (.pdf) in the copyright infringement lawsuit filed against it by Viacom that it intends to call fake news hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to testify in pre-trial depositions about uploaded clips from their Comedy Central shows (Comedy Central is owned by Viacom). Do you swear that your testimony is the truthiness, the whole truthiness, and nothing but the truthiness?

It's unclear what evidence Stewart and Colbert would provide in the litigation, exactly -- it's not like either celeb's got the ability to say what Viacom allows or doesn't allow to be uploaded onto YouTube, and it's not like it's going to help YouTube for Stephen Colbert to Better Know A District (Court), but we're at least looking forward to all the bad jokes that Jon and Stephen will be making about this for the rest of the week (when they're not mocking Karl Rove, that is).

Picture from the Stewart/Colbert '08 website.