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SFist reader The Default Attorney sent us this item, which s/he found taped to an N-Judah stop at Arguello and Irving at the end of June. The note sounds like your typical missed connection, but it was taken a step further than usual by the poster (then another step by the "finder," and even further by SFist!). So, maybe the two will meet for a subway sandwich some time. Wait, the redhead was eating a subway sandwich on Muni?! Naughty, naughty! We also love the lighting cast on the flyer by the tell-tale stripes on the Muni shelter.

Red-Haired Girl on the N Judah

You were sitting and eating a subway sandwich when I noticed you. You had dark red hair and were wearing a long light brown/beige sweater. You were reading something, looked work/school related, and then you got off at UCSF (around 4:15 p.m.) I was too hesitant to say hi and now I wish I wasn't.

Maybe I'll see you again!?