In all the marches in of the cities in all the world, a march to City Hall is taking place today for one of the most noble causes in San Francisco to date. 100 or so golfers will be marching to the Board of Supervisors meeting to demand their voices be heard on the topic of shutting down public courses in the city.

100 golfers – wow.

Is Van Ness wide enough to handle such a crowd? And with rumors swirling that the plaid-pant wearing golfers will be brandishing golf clubs, we have to wonder if SFPD is prepared to appropriately deal with the situation.

One of the founders of the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance is WAY upset about the city’s idea to close money-losing links and turn them into (heaven forbid) parks, soccer fields, and recreation areas that would serve more citizens than just the 100 or so San Franciscans that actually show up for tee time every once and again. Founder Bo Links (we kid you not) says, "We're going to hitch up our britches and go to City Hall."

So, if you are near City Hall today, stay alert, be safe, and please take some pictures of the marchers for us, k?

By Deborah