As promised, non-mayoral candidate Chris Daly's proposing his nonbinding resolution to ban the Blue Angels from flying over San Francisco at the Governmental Audit and Oversight Committee meeting today.

Daly, who's been working with Code Pink, Global Exchange, and Veterans for Peace on the resolution, is asking that San Francisco elected officials work to reduce unnecessary military flyovers in the area, saying that the loud jets are a threat to publich safety; upset pets, children, and seniors; traumatize veterans; waste jet fuel; and encourage the use of plastic bags. Okay, we made up the last one.

If Daly gets enough votes to pass this one, it'll go to the full board, but it doesn't sound likely that he'll get it out of committee: the other two members are the moderates Sean Elsbernd (who points out that more people have died on 19th Avenue than from Blue Angels events and we're not looking to shut down 19th Avenue) and Michela Alioto-Pier, who says we should be proud of our armed forces. Daly's only hope is that Michela forgets to show up to the meeting again!

Picture from 2005 by Studio H (Chris), off Flickr. Blue Angels always make us think of that Van Halen (Hagar era) video.