It's no secret that we adore -- that's right adore -- watching Big Brother, especially this season. If you're not familiar with BB, it's like this: twelve Type A personalities get locked in a house and try to win half a million dollars. They're systematically eliminated one by one via house vote, and it's all captured by dozens and dozens of cameras throughout the Big Brother house.

Oh, and the best part? For the three-pluss months that they're in the house, they go batshit insane. Take for example, this season's fun, curly-haired antisemite, Amber. Check it:

Her recent brain fart over the live feeds (which can be seen 24/7), though, prompted your grandparents' favorite network to issue the following statement:

BIG BROTHER is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 - and seeing every moment of their lives. At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Amber Siyavus on the live Internet feed to be offensive and they will not be part of any future broadcast on the CBS Television Network.

Over the many years of blatant racism, effete homosexuality, near sexual assaults, and the vile Mike Boogie, we love that Amber's cluelessness is the reason that CBS sent out this disclaimer.

Big Brother 8, never change. We heart you so.