Giants 3 Nationals 2- The Giants won a game in extra innings. We repeat, the Giants won a game in extra innings. Will wonders never cease? In fact, according to our unscientific methods, we see that the Giants are actually 1-60 in extra innings games this season. Okay, we exaggerate but it does seem like the Giants get in their fare share of extra inning games and lose every single one of them. But not only did the Giants win in the 11th, they were down by a run and rallied in the 10th as Randy Winn scored on a Bengie Molina single as B-Money once again came through in the clutch. Winn also won the game with a bases load single in the 11th. Lost in all this extra inning madness (and the Bonds circus) was yet another massively awesome start by Tim Lincecum who held the Nats to one run in seven innings. At one point, the Enchanter had runners on second and third with two outs and Ryan Zimmerman up. As Kruk, Kuip, and booth guest Frank Robinson discussed just how dangerous a situation it was, especially for a rookie, Lincecum struck out Zimmerman, causing SFist to break into tears as we realized the Kid was going to pitching for us for at least four or five more years, or at least until the Yankees sign him when the Giants have to give him up because too much of their budget will be tied up with Zito.

Oakland 9 Rangers 7- And speaking of extra innings, the A's won in the lucky 13th after blowing a seven run lead. Yep, that's right-- a 7-0 lead. This game sounds like a hoot too. The A's scored six runs in the 1st inning all with two outs but then the Rangers inched their way back, run by run, until they finally tied it in the ninth as Michael Young hit a home run off of Alan Embree. The Rangers, btw, did all this while also striking out twenty times. The A's finally won it in the 13th as Mike Piazza and then Mark Ellis singled in runs. The hit that started the rally, by the way, was also the first hit the A's got since the fifth inning- a total of seven innings without getting a hit.