Sorry, readers -- Rita's not around today -- hope you can enjoy this Ed Jew update nonetheless!

Still not a lot of info on Ed Jew's prelim court proceedings, but there is a new tidbit, a small glimpse behind the Tapioca Curtain. NBC11's Web site is telling of the Postal Inspector's testimony that Mr. Jew only received third-class mail at his Sunset residence! His Burlingame estate, on the other hand, was subject to both first-class and third-class deliveries.

(Oh, cool, the Chron posted on it too as we were writing this).

According to the Postal Inspector, the letter carrier that served Jew's Sunset place said that mail would pile up for weeks.

See, third-class mail, or, as we'd call it, "junk mail, is the stuff that's always addressed to "resident" or "occupant." Maybe it piled up because Mr. Jew didn't realize that "resident/occupant" referred to him, and thus just left it in the mailbox? Just a thought.