While others are pushing their dust-covered garbage cans back out onto the curb east of One Rincon, those of us west of Balboa Park are having our hands slapped for keeping ours out too long. Seems like the folks actually participating in the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association are fed up with the offensive vision of unhidden trash bins on their streets. According to an undated newsletter, which we can only assume is current, since the website is brand spankin' new, "Garbage cans on sidewalks aren't just unsightly and an obstacle to pedestrians. They're also a violation of the local public works code." Do pedestrians really trip over garbage cans? Because, if so, we'd really kind of love to see that.

But wait, say you. What is this Sunnyside of which you speak? Well, if you must know, it's actually a bona fide SF neighborhood famous for tumbling houses, proximity to the Glen Park BART station, and palm trees sprouting out of dilapidated greenhouses. Yes, it is still in San Francisco. And although we've lived in our "affordable" home for a little over a year, we're still uncertain as to whether or not our sleepy little SF hood is "Sunnyside" or "The Sunnyside." BTW, it's hardly ever sunny here. If you're lucky, maybe someday we will educate you on the wonder that is the Alemany Gap. (Hint: It's not a GAP on Alemany.)