Those activists living in the trees at UC Berkeley admitted that okay, maaaaaaybe they cut off the tops of the trees they were complaining about the university damaging. The leader of the tree-sitting protest, Zachary RunningWolf, says that he has Native American knowledge of trees (and an arborist) and he doesn't think it's a big deal, but the Cal grounds staff say it'll significantly and permanently damage the trees' canopies.

And we were away for July 4 when this originally happened, but did you guys hear about the 200 goats killed in San Rafael when the truck transporting them tipped over? Well, the police have investigated and determined that the truck took a turn too fast -- but that the truck was only going 7 mph at the time. Goat lovers are saying the police should have freed them all to save the other 200, but the police note that it would have been a traffic nightmare to have a bunch of panicked goats running around a major intersection.

Picture of the scene on 23rd Street yesterday afternoon from CBS 5.