Giants 4 Braves 2- You know, the fun thing about this whole Barry chase is that ESPN and Fox are trying to show as many Giants games as possible because nobody knows when the Barry will break the record so as a result, every baseball fan trying to gawk at history are stuck watching a lot of games featuring one of the worst teams in baseball. That includes the press and sold out crowds. When he doesn't hit one or doesn't even play, it's like seeing one of those one-hit wonder bands not play their one-hit. Or it's like, well, we caught part of Phantom Menace on HBO last night and remember how hyped up that movie was? Remember how excited everyone was and how convinced we were that it would possibly be the greatest moment of all of our lives? And remember the crushing disappointment to realize that it was essentially a movie about a whiny child fighting cartoonish robot armies over a trade dispute? Well, that’s what this is all like. Anyways, the Enchanter was pretty darn enchanting with the exception of one gopher ball given up by Jeff Francouer. He's now 6-2 and got his ERA under 4.00 (3.90).

A's 6 M's 2- The A’s have now won four out of the three as they beat up the reeling Mariners. The big guy this time around was Nick Swish who hit two homeruns, including a three run homer in the ninth to put the game away. Dan Haren once again threw down but the crazy thing is that he’s been pitching so well that the two runs he gave up in seven innings actually raised his ERA from from 2.41 to 2.42. Over at Athletics Nation, they’re wondering what Beane is going to do with Mike Piazza as with the deadline fast approaching, Beane has to decide whether to go for this year or go for next year.