Reuters reports that PepsiCo Inc. will now actually inform consumers what they’re shelling out their health-conscious and ever-hydrated bucks for -- bottled tap water, or, according to PepsiCo, stuff from a "Public Water Source."

Now, this gets us thinking about gas prices and how much we bitch and moan about $3.31/gallon down at the Chevron station. We‘re Talking Barbie when it comes to math, and I know we’ve all thought about this analogy before, but per gallon, we’re paying twice as much for bottled water than we are for that politically-incorrect stuff that keeps us from having to ride nasty-old MUNI all over the place.

Gas prices are looking pretty good to us at this point, especially when you think about all those plastic bottles (most of which are NOT recycled).

Kudos to PepsiCo for finally calling out American consumers on just how moronic we really are. We hope the cosmetics companies follow suit and reveal what idiots we are for plunking down, in some cases, $20 for a tube of Vaseline.

By Deborah

Photo: Getty Images