Wired News just reported about the San Francisco Department of Public Health's finding that speed use among SF gays and SF-native Stephanie Tanner has decreased over the past three years. (Is there some alternative, slimming drug out there that no one's told us about? We kid.) Although the department claims that this new baggie-free lifestyle is due "to successful public health campaigns," drug use outside of crystal meth is still a problem. For some.

And if that wasn't enough joy for you, in related news:

The B.A.R.'s best writer, Matthew Bajko, reports that the San Francisco AIDS Foundation declared (quite dramatically, of course) that the HIV epidemic in San Francisco is, more or less, over. Meaning that for over the past six years HIV has "persist[ed] in the community without substantially increasing or decreasing over time," thus the possibility of reverting to the much-preferred endemic status.

Awesome news! Dry fume blancs for everyone!