Tomorrow, ESPN will take a break determining whether Tom Brady is more Now than LeBron is and feature a town hall type thingy in San Francisco on the issue of Barry Bonds and the Hallowed Record. Despite ESPN's increasing descent into annoying shtick and hype, this should be pretty interesting as it's being hosted by "Outside the Lines" host Bob Ley, one of the few ESPN "personalities" with any integrity left. It's supposed to be a discussion on all things Barry, including race, Bud Selig's complicitness in the mess, how tainted the record is, and a whole bunch of other things. The panel will feature a bunch of writers including ESPN's excellent Buster Olney and "Game of Shadows" Lance Williams as well as Barry's ex teammates Kirk Rueter and Ellis Burks as well as Dusty. Jeff Kent will not be participating.

Hopefully, this will be a good discussion that gets far away from the usual "he's evil/he's the awesomest" debate that too often is heard and delves more into the grayness of it all. And since it'll be in San Francisco, it'll be a good way of showing that not all Giants fans are Kool Aid drinks and just as all over the place as everyone else.

The show will air tomorrow on ESPN at 3 and it's being filmed at the Palace of Fine Arts. Details about how to attend and where to go after the jump.

Image of the pennant now adorning City Hall to honor Barry by SFist Jim