Most people can't comprehend our near OCD level obsession with Chris Daly, Ed Jew, Gavin, and the Board of Supes. So, we're cool when people ask us questions like, "How do you know this?" or "Why do you care?" or "How do you stay awake during all those board meetings?" We've gotten over it and understand most people's position, which is why we just want to say that our mental health is okay and we are not locked in a room, Mel Gibson-style staring at a wall of newspaper clippings. However, this is kinda weird:

First, the Chronicle, on July 19th, runs an article stating:

After Daly's comments last month, implying that Newsom used cocaine -- which were made as Daly was contesting the mayor's spending plans for the new fiscal year -- Peskin removed Daly from his seat as chairman of the board's powerful Budget and Finance Committee.

Which, according to Chris Daly's blog posting from that same day, is incorrect since he was removed from head of the budget committee days before his cocaine speech. The next day The Chronicle (July 20th) runs a correction stating that they made a mistake and wish to retract their incorrect fact. All's well and good.