If we made those stupid charts that indicate what's "in" and what's "out", we'd fill in one of the lines thusly: OUT - filling the set list with your greatest hits and obscure favorites; IN - playing one of your best albums in its entirety. Tonight Sonic Youth relive Daydream Nation at Berkeley Community Theatre (say hello to our contest winner Andrew if you see him there.) On Friday, the Melvins perform Houdini in its entirety at Slim's, and they stick around on Saturday to play Lysol/Eggnog from front to back. Then on Sunday night, Slint perform the influential 1991 release Spiderland at Bimbo's. If this is a growing trend, what album would you like to see peformed live?

Now for this week's show recommendations: Tonight at Great American Rasputina headline with opener and Sufjan bandmate/tour partner My Brightest Diamond. The guy and the girl in The Bird and The Bee throw the occasional expletive into their catchy pleasantries at The Independent. Girl Fest Bay Area kicks off at Cafe Du Nord with a special performance by actress Amber Tamblyn who you may remember from "Joan of Arcadia". It looks like she'll be reading some of her poetry, but if she ends up that she's fronting a punk band someone should let us know how it goes.