Did you love and its idyllic aesthetic view of the world? Well, take that and give it a twist of despair -- famous art photographer Edward Burtynsky went to China to take some beautiful pictures of the horrors of mass industrialization, and they've made a documentary about his work, called Manufactured Landscapes. The movie is supposed to be absolutely amazing.

If you're interested in seeing it, it's opening at the Lumiere (California and Polk) this Friday and Burtynsky himself will be in attendance and taking questions about his work.

...and while we have you here, and while we're on the topic of industriousness and horror -- this isn't related to Manufacturing Landscapes, but we did want to tell you that SFist's bestest film buddy and the hardest working man in the biz, Chris Wiggum, who passes along all the good indie movie tips around town and helps us arrange all our excellent giveaways for movie passes, is speaking on a panel tonight!!! Go! It's about why horror movies are so much fun to watch, and it's at 111 Minna at 6:30 p.m. tonight, $15. Go and tell Chris how awesome he is!

Photo credit: "Manufacturing #17," at the Deda Chicken Processing Plant in Dehua, Jilin Province, China, by Edward Burtynsky, (c) 2005.

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