We thought that Chris Daly's Board of Supervisor life might be looking up with his new committee assignment. But it's budget season and everyone is just a little bit testy right now, as there is a 6 billion dollars pie to be cut up among a three quarters of a million people. So I guess we shouldn't be that surprised that would happen during today's Board of Supervisor meeting. And it did.

Basically Daly asked for a "simple motion" and received no second. (We are having some difficulty with sfgtv and can't seem to go back and watch exactly what happened and are going forward based on our memory until the full meeting comes online.) Without the ability to get a motion seconded, Supervisors lose an important legislative tool and Daly was, at least partially, locked out of the budget process. So he left.

For those who don't follow the Board of Supes as much as we do, not being seconded is pretty much a slap in the face. Not only can we not remember the last time a motion failed to receive a second, but also the budget meeting is probably the single most important Board of Supervisors meeting.