We were so relieved when we ran into SFist Jim yesterday at the SF Symphony Dolores Park concert, because we knew his pictures would be so much better than ours! (His gorgeous shot is above; all we had on our camera were some blurry pictures of dog butts.)

It was a gorgeous day and the section of Dolores Park in the nook by 20th Street was comfortably filled with sweet toddlers, well-behaved dogs, and some folks illicitly puffing on various non-tobacco products as the symphony chugged its way through a Latin-friendly program. Performer Daniel Binelli's bandoneon (a type of South American accordian) performances of Astor Piazolla's Argentinean tangos inspired both ballroom dancers and young balletomanes into twirling their stuff on the Dolores Park playground.

The streets all by the park were filled with folks illegally parking on the medians, and the lines outside both Tartine and the Bi-Rite Creamery were even longer than usual -- sounds like the performance was a success. Thanks to the SF Arts Commission for sponsoring the gig!