The City Attorney's Office has filed a reply to Ed Jew's response to the State AG from last week that if you don't think he lives in the city, you're a racist.

And yowza! In their papers, they describe Ed Jew's response as "inadequate, incomplete, misleading and inflammatory." They couldn't find a synonym for the word "misleading" that also started with an i? (Okay, now we can't think of one either. Impertinent? Informationally-challenged? Impossible? Well, you see what we mean.) They also described his positions as "increasingly preposterous." No way, really?

Copies of the papers are here (.pdf.) We're still leafing through it, but it notes that, despite what Ed Jew said about the City Attorney only interviewing Caucasians, two of the neighbors they interviewed were in fact Asian-American, and notes that they think it's weird that Ed hasn't been able to produce any actual evidence that he lives in the house (i.e., pictures of the living room, curtains on the windows, toiletries in the bathroom.) Does Ed Jew not use toilet paper either? Yikes!

The State AG says they'll decide whether or not the City Attorney can file suit to kick Ed out of office within two months. Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom's trying to figure out what he can do (section 15.105) too, Ed's scheduled for his first appearance in criminal court next Monday, the FBI investigation is continuing. And hey, couldn't the voters try and recall Ed Jew too? (maybe they've missed the deadline for the upcoming election, though,)