Famous for creating the Mitchell Brother(s) O’Farrell Theatre and then committing fratricide with a 22-caliber rifle, Jim Mitchell helped give San Francisco the sick reputation it still (sort of) maintains. Today he died at 63 in Sonoma County.
green.jpgMarilyn Chambers, and lots and lots of boobies. Even batshit crazy journalist Hunter S. Thompson worked as a night manager at the (in)famous theater. Years later -- after all of the sex, coke, and more boobies took their toll -- things moved downhill fast. In an apparent and failed intervention of sorts; Jim shot Artie to death, and then kicked in the VIP lounge at San Quentin State Prison up until his release in 1997.

You had a fascinatingly torrid life that seemed to end in peace, and we promise to rub one out in your honor tonight, Jim. Or better yet, take a loved one to your flagship theater to see a peepshow.

Also, we're sorry that Emilio Estevez had to play you in your biopic. Alas.