We've been big fans of Good Magazine since their premier issue came out last fall. We love the inspiring stories they cover and the ways they present them -- graphics, design, and concept are given as much weight as the words. We also love that the staff is predominantly made up of young people -- much younger than we are, we might add. (Incidentally, bad-boy Al Gore III is the associate publisher.)

Some recent, stand-out topics for us include: naked streets and bicycle planning; companies that are projecting new business plans based on global warming (not so inspiring, but a memorable story nonetheless); artist/engineer Natalie Jeremijenko of NYU’s Environmental Health Clinic; BioBling; The Face2Face Project; artist Katherine Hubbard, who documented a whole year's worth of her trash; oh, oh, and our very own Ross Mirkarimi is featured in the latest issue! And we are totally buying that portable BBQ.

Every time we pick up Good at the newsstand (they have it at SFO, by the way!), we think to ourselves, "Jeez, we need to get a subscription," 100% of which goes to the charity of our choice. Their goal is to reach 50,000 subscribers, through which they will raise $1 million for their list of charities. (They're currently at 19,049 subscribers and $380,980.) So, finally, upon hearing about Good's Block Party bash at 111 Minna this Sunday from Noon to 8 pm, which is only open to subscribers, we got our butts on over to Good and virtually plopped down $20 for a year's worth of Good. You have until 11:59 pm on Saturday night to to do the same! Booths, outdoor stage, music, food, drinks, giveaways, and do-Gooders -- we are totally there.

Good Magazine Block Party | Subscribe + RSVP | 111 Minna | Sunday, July 15, Noon to 8 pm