Here you see an image of construction on Stillman and Third Streets that started a few weeks ago, more or less. (What was a precocious orphanage was violently burned to the ground to make space for a much-anticipated Bed, Bad, and Beyond! No, not really. We kid you.) A new overpass is going up in place of the old one, and we’re dying to know what it will look like. (Rumor has it that underneath the new overpass will be a lot for AC Transit buses to park, which is better than the drug outlets that resided there before.) The one that was demolished last year was pretty nifty as far as overpasses go -- pretty arches and all.

Any ideas as to how it will turn out? And will be built whisper-quietly? (Sigh.)

And surely it will be put up lightening-quick just like this year's seamless McArthur Maze reconstructive surgery, right? Right!?