We love seeing these games on TV for reasons already spelled out, mainly because it's a great way to show off the city and our little jewel of a park. And while watching it, we remembered why we loved the All-Star Game as a kid: seeing all the colors and uniforms, the bunting, and--God, we love our new HDTV. We have to admit that this whole thing filled us with a weird sensation that we couldn’t quite put a finger on. You know, like when you made that ashtray in fifth grade art class and everyone was in awe of your kilning skills? Except instead of an ashtray, it’s the whole city. (And do kids make ashtrays anymore when you do pottery in art class? Maybe they do figures representing endangered species these days.) Anyway, we’re so gosh darn proud of our little city for being so gosh darn picturesque whenever broadcast sporting events show the same three or four attractions over and over again that somehow features no homeless people or hippies.