We gobble the various food sections up each Wednesday. Here are our favorite nibbles from today's offerings.

SF Chronicle: Sun-heated ovens are examined. Good: thought to help save the planet, low(ish) cost, uses "green" technology, and works in sunny/warm climes. Iffy/Bad: requires rooftop or outdoor space that City apartment dwellers probably lack, won't work on foggy or rainy days, lacks precision of traditional ovens, and can take a loooooong time. Saturday is Bastille Day, oui, oui! Although it's far too hot for us to wear our traditional French beret, we can't wait to hear the live accordion music and smell the coq au vin. Ditch your pancakes and cereal for... salmon salad breakfast. Fresh and healthy? Sure. But, this brekkie option may be more feasible for chef and artsy types who are able to sleep until late morning or mid-day.