Namely, we've got a copy of the book to give to one lucky winner, randomly selected by the '-ist contest machine -- you can learn how to build a bong or hookah out of items like: a rubber duck, a cantaloupe, and a book, among your 38 options. Chron Books will even get author Randy Stratton to sign your copy. Duuuuuuude!

If you love Chron Book books, and you're too impatient to see if we'll have any more giveaways here (hint! We just might!), you can also check out the Chron Book blog, where they have awesome giveaways all the time.

Enter and win! We'll contact the winner, oh, let's say, by the end of the day today. And of course, we won't use your contact information for any other reason either.

Build This Bong