Oh dear God. Sydney, Australia has locked itself in the bathroom with a razorblade, threatening to cut its wrist, because you just totally don‘t understand them. It seems after an eight-year high atop Travel + Leisure’s (mildly arbitrary) "World’s Best City" list, for a second year in a row, it fell to a disgraceful fifth place. Simply shamless, we say. (Italy's Florence took the gold, by the way.) But the best part is that a Sydney official is "calling for all Sydneysiders to help return the city to its rightful spot at No.1."

"Sydneysiders!" Have you ever heard something so darling in your entire life?! The poor lambs.

But perhaps if local treasure Ryan Robles wasn’t leaving Sydney to return to San Francisco, and if maybe the country’s toilet water flushed the right way, things would be going their way. Alas.

Oh, and San Francisco fittingly came in at ninth place, which? Duuude, totally makes, like, so much sense, if you think about it, you know?