--Local photog Thomas Hawk gets assaulted for taking pictures -- again. [Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection, via the SFist tips line. update: From last year! Sorry! Keep those tips fresh, folks!]

--C.W. Nevius didn't start the fire. [The Chron.]

--Republicans busted by SF State for stomping on Muslim flags with the word "Allah" written on them are now suing. Oh, that's rich. [CBS 5.]

--You thought Ed Jew Borderline was awesome? If that was Madonna, this would probably have to be Michael Jackson, at yesterday's Land Use Committee meeting. [SFWillie. Warning, the YouTube clip included is a little shocking.]

--Ken Garcia's unnecessarily rude to Kimo Crossman. No, Ken Garcia, get a life! [Examiner.]

--Take a trip through the south side of SF. [Rangelife.]

--Is there going to be a cheaper iPhone by the fall? A debate. [Merc News, the Chron.]

--The Chasing Amy Social Club, a local bisexual women's group, is unhappy with the KRON 4 Pride coverage. [Bay Area Reporter.]

Picture of Pac Bell Park by lulutoo, from the SFist Flickr stream. Check out lulutoo's floating Chevy ball too!