Tomorrow's report (up live now, which is why this post is going up when it is) is that Gavin Newsom said that he's considering options for getting Ed Jew out of office. We imagine Gavin giving this press conference while lying flat on the floor to ease his lower back pain (man, we don't wish lower back pain on anyone -- get well soon, Gavin!)

Gavin said that irrespective of the residency issues, he's very concerned that Ed seems to have admitted that he took a $40,000 bribe from the Quickly folks. It seems to us like there's still a disputed issue of fact about that, but yeah, maybe not so good of Ed to come out and say he took the money, huh?

Ed Jew's lawyer, hilariously, is now saying that this means that Newsom doesn't care about the residency issue, telling the Chron, "That's a victory on this front that we moved the mayor off of that issue and on to the next." Dear Ed Jew's lawyer: It is not a "victory" when the mayor of a major American city says he thinks your client accepted a $40,000 bribe. Sincerely yours, SFist.

Picture of an Ed Jew fang qi (resign) sticker on an Examiner news box sent in by a reader!