Sorry, folks -- we've been sitting on this one because we wanted to make sure it was true . .. and then the Chronicle beats us to it (as they rightly should). At least we can now tell you what we know.

Roisin Isner, who is a drummer in a punk band called Tinkture, was the victim of a stray firework at Dolores Park last night. The Chron article is unclear about what type of firework it was or who may have done it -- but there is a letter purported to come from Isner's father floating around the Internet that fills in (at least his opinions on) those details. For now, the article at least confirms that Isner was seriously injured by a stray explosive that detonated near her right hand.

We were sent copies of this note purported to be from her dad by at least five readers. We warn you that we've been unable to verify that this was written by Chris Isner, so unfortunately it must at this point be taken with a grain of salt. We've written to Mr. Isner, asking him to verify and for further comments. We understand that, even if on the level, he's got much weightier things to worry about than speaking to SFist. But for now, we'll reprint the letter for you in its entirety. Even if the letter isn't valid (and we're inclined at this point to think it is), the point it makes is indeed an important one: if you have any information on who may have perpetrated this crime, please contact the police immediately. Maiming a young girl -- and, indeed, inflicting an injury ending her music career -- is a sad, serious thing.

(Letter follows after the jump; we've edited it slightly for language)

Picture of Roisin Isner from KLC Production's site