If Cuban wins, Nellie could be banned from coaching whenever the Warriors play the Mavericks from hereon out. If this becomes some sort of precedent, we can see this causing major problems for Larry Brown if he ever decides to coach again.

Of course, the whole thing is silly because Nelson was once the coach of the Mavericks and knows their strengths and weaknesses as much as current Mavs coach Avery Johnson does. Maybe even better. And one wonders what sort of "confidential" information Nellie could have received. Like did he meet some sort of Mavericks Deep Throat in an underground garage somewhere who let Nellie know that Nowitzki has been distracted ever since that footage of a drunk Hasslehoff was released? We would also like to point out that this wasn't apparently a problem during the regular season when the Warriors beat the Mavs but only after the Warriors beat them in one of the biggest upsets in NBA history.

Actually, the whole thing is part of an increasingly nasty fight between the two men, once BFF. At one point, Nelson and Cuban stopped talking to each other and had to have assistant coach Del Harris pass notes between the two. Right now, they're suing each other over compensation. Nellie claims he is owed a little over $6 million in deferred payments agreed to by the Mavs former owner, Ross Perot Jr. (the son of that Ross Perot). Cuban, however, doesn't want to pay up and is claiming that he doesn't have to pay Nelson because he broke some sort of "non-compete" clause.

For added sh--- and giggles, it should be said that Don's son, Donnie, is the Mavs GM. Awwwwwkward.