Matier and Ross have both our obsessions covered in tomorrow's column! (The column's dated for tomorrow's paper, but went live this evening which is why this is going up now.)

First off: Ed Jew! The Chron finally runs the story that accompanied the pictures of them being denied access to Ed Jew's alleged shower in his flower store from last week that were taken down. Alas, the pictures don't make another appearance, but M&R do say that they made an appointment to see the shower. The photographer came at the appointed time (unclear whether M or R showed up with the photog or not), at which point Ed said, "I don't know anything about this!" and bolted. Run, Ed, run!

In response, Jew's attorney told M&R again (no doubt with a deep sigh) that he's been advising his client not to talk to the press.

And next up: C. Daly!: What's cooking here? Well, did you guys read that Chron Two Cents "Career Advice for Chris Daly" that we told you guys about the other day? Did you notice the second piece of advice, from a "Josh Low" in the Mission, that Daly had good ideas, but should work on his communication skills? That's Chris Daly's brother-in-law!!!! Oh dear.

Picture from a reader, of someone trying to cover up the anti Ed Jew poster at Thursday's pro-Ed Jew rally.