--Hey! Did you ever do coke with Gavin? [Fog City Journal.]

--Chris Daly explains himself. [SFGov.org.]

--What's fun doing for Pride Weekend? [SFPartyParty, Bay Area Reporter, SF Weekly's All Shook Down.]

--They busted JT Leroy. [Chron, via the AP.]

--No more bottled water for the City and County of SF. [CBS 5.]

--That local kid who tried to blow up the UC Riverside graduation? It was so he wouldn't have to tell his mom he'd dropped out. [LA Times.]

--Crime surge in Oakland. [NY Times.]

--A man from San Jose's been missing for three weeks from Las Vegas. They're also still looking for the Alameda County woman in Oregon. [Merc News; Chron.]

Picture of people walking a labyrinth at Land's End by 37 C (sorry, we don't know how to make the degree symbol in html), from the SFist Flickr stream.