Hi, folks -- welcome to the latest edition of the Top 5. As SFist is community driven, we enjoy picking out some of the best comments that you folks contributed -- the ones that raised the discussion level, taught us something we didn't know, or made us laugh.

1) First, we'd like to recognize "leftalone," who purports to work for the embattled Mr. Ed Jew, and wanted to tell us "two stories to get off [his/her] chest." Insider info, especially if we believe it sounds credible, goes straight to the top of the list. Thanks, leftalone.

2) DG's comment on the budget situation offered some very good insight.

3) We love it when the subjects of one of our stories comes onto SFist to comment. Thanks, Mr. Sugermonster! (a.k. mike sugerman). It also didn't hurt that he identified himself as "a regular reader and a fan of SFist." Flattery will get you everywhere.

4) We enjoyed Nad's tough-but-fair assessment of the state of the Chronicle these days, and hope that Phil Bronstein, the subject of the interview where the comment was left, will take note of his measured, constructive statements.

5) Finally, on the subject of the shootings in the Western Addition: many of you engaged in an excellent conversation regarding police and housing and funding. For the most part, it was a very well thought out, even-tempered, engaging discussion. We're going to cheat and proclaim the whole discussion a "Top Comment." Probably one of the best things we read last week, anywhere -- thank you sfmike, jerry jarvis, "J", Jeffrey W. Baker, tom, and everyone else that participated.