--Matier and Ross report that it looks like everyone's going to punt to Jerry Brown to make the final decision about whether to throw Ed Jew out of office or not over the residency issue. Update!: City Attorney Dennis Herrera has punted. Hike!

--Meanwhile, Leah Garchik gets in on the fun, reporting that a reader asked her if Ed Jew's Canton Flower Shop sells..... forget-me-nots! Ha!

--Over in the blogosphere, Left in SF reports a case of spoofing in their comments where someone claimed to be commenting under the email address (with the comment "I'm going to jail."). We've had our own issues with spoofery, so please note that it is illegal to claim to be affiliated with a governmental entity when you're not, and as a result, we have to take action if we see something like that on our site.

--And finally! The SFJunto chatboard asks if we've got a Cantonese Mike Litoris incident in the Chron!

Picture by SFist Jim.

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